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05-27-2013, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
What the **** are you talking about? They take risks all the time.

Kreider, McIlrath, Cherepanov, etc. Those are just first round picks. Thomas, MSC, Sauer, Stepan, . . .

This team takes a ton of risks. They draft character guys as well. You don't ONLY draft risky players.
I'm talking about their 1sts. They haven't really had that player who brings it their all from the 1st round.
Kreider: Good risk, but needs work yet. Projected speedy power forward who did not have a good season. He was a depth forward this year. Safe pick.
McIlrath: 6th-7th defender who may not even be able to be that. Not too close to be coming up, but like Beacon said earlier (on this thread or another) he lost his confidence at the end of the year. Plus we go back to the draft where they could've taken a HIGHER RISK on Tarasenko or Fowler. Safe pick by far.
Cherepanov: Freak accident. Enough said. Was a good risk. I'll give you that.
Skjei: Basically picked because he was the best one available in the managements eyes. Didn't do a thing for Minnesota point wise. Projected to have the skating of McDonagh. Otherwise, depth defenseman. Safe pick.
Thomas: May just be a savior on the PP, but has that RISK of being a career AHLer. Depth forward currently in the NHL. Safe pick. 2nd rounder as well.
St. Croix: Just about to come to Hartford, but has that RISK of being an AHL bust. At this point we can't tell. From the junior level, he lacks physical presence which will kill him in the pro's. I guess you can say that there is risk in him, but look at where he was drafted.
Sauer: Has concussion problems, probably about to retire. Wasn't a 1st.
Stepan: Good risk, has been up to his projection. 2nd rounder, though.

So maybe I should've thought that post through and said 1st round risks. I apologize.
Depth forwards are good to have, but to thrive the organization with them is annoying. Go for that Mackinnon or Drouin or Barkov, you know? Teams will be needing depth players too so trade a few of them to get that next "super star". Enough of bringing in older ones and have them absolutely suck (aka Richards).

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