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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
If that's the case, then where's the criticism for Hartikainen, Smithson, Lander or Vandevelde?

Smyth scored 13 points, was -5 in 47 games. Half the time, he was playing out of position at centre, which he has never played before with any regularity.

Heir apparent Teemu Hartikainen scored a mere 3 pts, was a worse -8 in 23 games and he didn't even play on the PK, or play out of position at centre.

Jerred Smithson, an actual centre, scored 1 pt, was plus 0, in 10 games.

Prospect Anton Lander scored 1 pt, was -4 in 11 games.

AHL centre Chris Vandevelde scored 0 pts, was -3 in 11 games.

By this comparison, Smyth was no where near the "most useless player" on the roster - an utter classless description by the OP, which says more about the OP than it does about Smyth.
Taking TOI into consideration, it's fairly easy to see why Smyth outscored the other 4th line centers.

Smyth - 15:22 min per game (including averaging over a 1:15 on the PP)
Smithson - 11:43 (0 pp)
Lander - 11:01 (0 pp)
CVV - 7:02 (0 pp)

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