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Originally Posted by MyNameIsNobody View Post
Lets see, you in love with pavelski (an American) you are in Michigan - you're right I'm sorry , you are from lichtenstein, my apologies how could I think otherwise.

No, you don't think he will be on the team but you bring it up because what??????
Why would you bring this up if you don't think he will be on the team?

I don't think Thornton will be on the team and that's why I never brought it up.
I didn't bring it up. The post at the top of this page did. I replied to that post. Again with those awesome reading skills.

Originally Posted by TonsofPuppies View Post
Since he's a Sharks fan, lets put it this way. Joe Thornton belongs on Team Canada as much as Scott Gomez belongs on Team USA.
And more assumptions. I'm not a he. You are both just making yourselves look like even bigger *****.

If you disagreed, that's fine. (And actually we don't disagree, so this is all really stupid). All I'm saying is you don't have to be a dick about it and disparage players with exaggerations in order to emphasize the qualifications of someone else. It's so prevalent on these boards and I'm tired of it.

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