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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
Garret, other than Burmi, has there been a forward that 'works' with Kane?

Has Kane had chemistry with anyone other than Burmi and Antro?
As Truck has specified: Burmi, Antro, Wheeler have worked well
Also missed is Welly.

Kane pushes the play forward a lot himself. He just needs guys who can work walls well and/or not get stuck in their own zone and/or push play forward.
Unfortunately Olli can only do the first one and Mittens can't do any of the three.

Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
But defensively, with Olli, they were a mess.

Does it make sense to get a 'two-way' center (who could also play RW) to play with Kane and Wheeler - say a ROR type player - and play Scheifele between Ladd and Little?

Then, change things around to LLW and Kane/Scheifele/? - from time to time when thigs need a 'refresh'.
They weren't actually terribad, not super-stars but not bad at all. Their terrible GA is more due to SV% than chances. Neither Wheeler or Kane are 2way all-stars but they push the play forward really well thus reducing opponents chances... but the drop in missing LLW hurt the most in my mind.

The Kane-Jokinen-Wheeler line GA and +/- was hurt a lot with Pavelec being specifically terrible when they were on the ice. They actually did ok in out shooting their opponents, and reducing shots and scoring chances against (and lets not get into the quality of shots debate because it wasn't really that either haha). At the time all 3 of them were in the bottom 10 in the league for the SV% that was behind them (Carter and Richards were also at that point in time) and although they may not be superstars I don't think they combine as the worst defensive line in the league... Heck even on the team (GST last season?)... It looks most likely like it was just poor "puck luck" more than anything... (but lets not kid ourselves, Jokinen isn't good defensively either lol)

So short version:
*Wheeler did work with Kane and better than the GA would indicate
*but losing LLW hurt more than the helping Kane from Jokinen-syndrome

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