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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
But defensively, with Olli, they were a mess.

Does it make sense to get a 'two-way' center (who could also play RW) to play with Kane and Wheeler - say a ROR type player - and play Scheifele between Ladd and Little?

Then, change things around to LLW and Kane/Scheifele/? - from time to time when thigs need a 'refresh'.
They weren't great defensively and I do see that as a legit concern for Olli and Wheels, but Kane isn't a real liability. He may screw up, but he executes more than enough breakouts to make up for it.

Regardless, most of their minus was about goalies not making saves. I believe they were getting beat possesion wise (something like 49%, but it wasn't Kane-Olli-Mittens bad.

I can't remember the exact numbers, but after the first month or so Pav and Al had combined for something like a .850 save percentage with Wheeler on the ice.

Wheeler could be more responsible in his own zone, but it wouldn't hurt a goalie to make a save every now and again.


So... what Garret said.

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