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05-28-2013, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerFan10 View Post
Even if the Rangers are awful, do you really think Hank will want to leave? He LOVES the city. If he really becomes disgruntled he's the type of player the Rangers will bend over backwards for. Whether that means a new coach, money or what have you.

Even if he wanted out, I think his lifestyle comes into play as far as where he'd want to play. You can rule out a lot of bigger cities based on the fact that they've already got goalies locked in (L.A., Boston, Montreal, Vancouver). I guess there's Toronto. I don't think Chicago would spend the money on Hank when they've got great goaltending at a bargain price from Crawford and Emery. The Devils and Islanders would both allow him to stay in the city but it's still not exactly the same situation. Where else would he really even consider?
If Hank came out and said he was interested in joining the Blackhawks, then they would go all out to try to get him. Crawford and Emery couldn't hold Hank's jockstrap.

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