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05-28-2013, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Fly Boy View Post
I'm hoping for Erne at this point. And my reasoning is such. I don't believe anyone knows where Erne will go in this draft. He could go from the 15-25 range and while I'm a big fan of using our 2nd's to move up back into the late first hopefully for Ryan Hartman, I'm not so sure that we could wait and hope Erne is there at that spot instead. I would rather take him at pick 16 and secure him now as opposed to waiting and taking the gamble that he is there in the late late first round.

I'm not saying we have to take Erne here, I just like his tools and package over the other available forwards. Honestly I am not impressed with Lazar at all. I have never understood the hype on him. I would rather go after a guy like John Hayden in the 2nd and get the same package. I highly doubt Lazar ends up better than either Girgensons or Larsson at this point. Zykov is not a bad pick in my mind. Mantha can't seem to play defense or at the least it is a huge flaw and hole in his game. No thank you. Which brings me to Rychel. I've seen Rychel live twice, once this year and last year. Last year Rychel was not so bad when playing with Khocklacev, however this year he looked like garbage to me. Without Koko or another premier offensive player he looked lost. He cherry picked and floated the entire game and was completely unnoticeable. He played off of Pat Seiloff's emotion and just tried to goon it up after the whistle. Slashing hitting players in the back of the head (in once instance he cross checked Tom Wilson in the back of the head and when Wilson turned around to confront him he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs). Add in the fact that I don't like his skating he is a no go for me, especially at pick 16.

I'm going to touch on the Pulock debate here. I look at it as such. We have already taken a RH Dman earlier in the draft. Should we take another here. Would people honestly be happy with that draft? I am by no means saying Pulock is a bad player or that he isn't even BPA here, it just does not make sense to me. If Risto and Pulock were our picks in the first round that would mean we have drafted 4 RH Dmen in the first round in the last 6 years (2008 draft). Add in the fact that most would want Ekblad (RH) if we can get him next year, that is just overload at that position. GrigsAndGirgs brings up a good point that we could just trade them and make deals ala the CoHo and Kassian deal. However I would feel better if we just drafted the forward to develop in our own system instead of having him switch over from another (I just like home grown talent more). If our first pick were to be a forward in this situation like Monahan/Lindholm/Horvat I wouldn't have so much a problem with Pulock. Hell if Zadorov was left here I would scoop him up so quickly. A LH Dman would sooth me better than another right hander but I don't see any available at this point worth the pick. I've also read that some scouts think Pulock might already be close to his ceiling and has already topped out his talent.

Therefore putting this all together I prefer Erne to all the options out there, espcially since we went Defense with the #8 pick in this mock. My ideal scenario for this draft looks as such:

#8: Monahan/Lindholm/Horvat (in that order)
#16: Erne
#25-30: Hartman (trade up using our seconds)

I agree with you---i do not want 2 Dmen taking in this draft under any circumstances. One of these players has got to be a forward.

Looking at various rankings Erne is all over the place from 15-40.

I think Buffalo could trade up from 38 to get him in the late 20s.

If he is on the board when Colorado picks in the 2nd they take him.

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