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Originally Posted by major major View Post
1) The biggest potential revenue/fanbase source is adding another team in Toronto. It's an order of magnitude bigger than the hockey following in Seattle, although Seattle's would grow in time. (I currently live in the Seattle area, and it has more in common with Phoenix than it does with Toronto when it comes to hockey culture.) Adding teams in Toronto and Seattle and not in Quebec, would be the best possibility in terms of revenue, but a Toronto-Quebec expansion would be the cleanest because of point#2:

2) Make sure that there are no more than two time zones in a division. So Colorado would go to the Pacific-Mountain "Gretzky" division, and Toronto 2 or Columbus would join Detroit in the Central-Eastern "Howe" division.
-I don't see the NHL allowing 2 teams in the east, thus causing the 2 teams you just moved there to have to go back to the west. Although the NHL could always go to an 4 team, 8 division route ala the NFL

-Although I'm not "privy" to the going-ons in Seattle, I think they'd do good when it comes to hockey. They are desperate for some winter sports(since the NBA keeps bending them over) and I think people would show up just to spite David Stern, plus it'd be a natural rivalry for Vancouver. They are also already building a sports arena aren't they? If they are then they already have a place to play.

-Adding onto your "other potential places" to expand:
Whatever happened to K.C.? Although I'm skeptical about the validity of hockey there, they were serious about the penguins and already have a facility built.

Las Vegas, Although I think it would fail horribly(reasons Forbes said all pro sports teams would) I wouldn't be shocked to see the NHL try it.

Hartford, Bring back the Whale!!!!

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