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05-28-2013, 04:35 AM
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Pretty cool write-up on the Detroit "dynasty" in the Globe and Mail:

I disagree with what they're indicating to be growing pains as a new generation takes over.

That dynasty started and ended with Lidstrom. Pav/Z are key reasons why the team is pseudo-competitive in the post-Lidstrom era, but there's a key set of changes occurring with them right now:

1) Reliance on Howard, a goalie, to be perhaps their MVP if they're having success. Extremely rare for Detroit to do that.

2) Shift from skilled puck-possession style of play to a more blue-collar dump-and-chase game (a la late-90's Oilers).

3) They are consistently being out-shot. It's congruent with point 2) that this happens, but also indicative that they're not creating offense the same way they used to anymore.

It's a different generation, a different style, and likely a different era of Red Wings hockey. I see Holland and co. trying to stick with the system of patiently turning prospects into established role players in Grand Rapids over many years before coming to the NHL, but as that team's success begins to fade, he may be forced to start debuting these players a bit early.

Datsyuk and Zetterberg are the last of the A-level Red Wings "core" players. I don't see anyone in their current system (maybe Jarnkrok or Nyqvist if they're lucky) to replace them. In terms of B-level "core" players, they have Kronwall and Franzen who are both around 32/33 and should begin to fade over the next 5 years; potentially replaceable by Jarnkrok/Nyqvist/Tatar. Mrazek has legitimate potential to replace Howard. I don't have much hope for Kindl/B.Smith/Dekeyser becoming more than 2nd-pairing defenders. Perhaps a shot at #2 Dman for Dekeyser.

It's going to be a major loss in quality of talent as their older stars age. Maybe then Holland opens up the chequebook and starts buying talent. They've established a great set of heritage and tradition there, and it's likely a UFA target, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

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