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05-28-2013, 07:03 AM
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But maybe he is skeptical about the program. If that is the case, the Rangers should be afraid.
They should be very afraid of taking another step sideways
Hank is really skeptical about winning it all in the new NHL (post lockout) with Torts at the helm - feverishly condoning Cave Man hockey. He and Torts have at best a frosty relationship. This I have been saying for some time. This I have personally heard from 2 separate sources close to him here in Sweden.

Definitely puts Sather on the spot in the hot seat now. His contract demands - as per Brooks - sound outrageous to me as well - and if correct - well then "Houston we got a problem". Or as Red said in Plutoon "I got a bad feeling about this one..." Nobody deserves the money he is asking for here (if true) and I think he overplays his cards if he goes out with this in negotiations as it will hurt the team quite a bit (and hamper the chances to win it all) if such a crazy demand for a max-contract were to come as a "take it or leave it" situation.
Maybe Torts stays and Hank leaves. Sad to say it - but this nightmarish scenario looks possible as of now... Well then we will be drafting high for some time at least...

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