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Originally Posted by robmneilson View Post
Nope, it pretty much can be one or two guys when we have two lines max. We actually have three guys that are of lesser skill, but one busts his ass and trys to get better...while the other two just glide and don't go after the puck. Kinda messes up our flow when we can't stick one on D. If the other two guys made an attempt to get better, or play more than once a week it would be a different story. They also barely hang out with the team after games as well, which makes the decision somewhat easier.
Thats an entirely different scenario than you outlined above. Before it was just they "werent good enough" now its that they're not trying.

If they do not want to try then that is a different story and you can tell them that. If they're simply below the skill level of others, but still try their hardest, I've never seen two guys like that bring a team down.

However, I'd still consider talking to them and tell them that you see them not trying and not working hard to become better and that you want everyone on the team to do their best like the other guy. If they're willing to step it up and try, then you can give them the option to stay, if they arent, then you can tell them you'll let them go. At least now they know the rules and will know why they're getting cut.

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