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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
But he signed a two year deal with an out clause. IDK. I'm really not saying you are wrong, I just think its weird that the owners wouldn't address this, or in the alternative, that if there really are no restrictions, why we don't see young RFAs use other leagues to leverage more money out of their clubs. Guys like PK Subban I imagine could have gotten a bunch more to play in another league than he recently got and could have used the KHL to force Montreal's hand into more money. I think it would more likely be Russian guys doing it. Imagine Yakupov in a couple years. EDM is giving him his second contract..maybe $3.5 mil? He gets an offer from Moscow for $5 mil, tells EDM to pay or he walks and they get no compensation. At least in the context of NHL teams there will be draft picks exchanged.
He was willing to play there with his brother if he didn't get more money from the Av's.

Once your deal is up you're free to do whatever you want. Most wouldn't leave though because they still want to play in the best hockey in the world. Besides its not like every RFA coming off their ETC gets lowballed and makes peanuts. They might not have all the leverage but they still have enough to get a good deal.

There's nothing set in place because there hasn't been a noteworthy player to bolt to the KHL like that.

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