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05-28-2013, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Gord View Post
I guess the problem with hitting the "reset" button is that you're still playing the same game.
We're getting sick of the esks year after year having poor management and coaching and having it filter down to the quality of players and the quality of play on the field.

you have to forgive some of us who tend to think on the cynical side when it comes to pro sports in Edmonton. usually "wait and see" has become seeing more of the same crap.
I absolutely understand the cynicism. With me, it surfaces a lot more with the Oilers than it does with the Eskimos for some reason. I wasn't thrilled with the hiring of either Maciocia or Tillman as Esks GM but I waited for them to fail before I turned on them. Based on nothing more than a gut feeling, I think things (including the performance of the head coach) will be better under Hervey. Not surprisingly, I'm not nearly as optimistic about about new GM MacT and the Oilers maybe because the Esks don't have as far to go to be decent as the Oil.

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