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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post
When you throw Rundblad's name out there against guys like Enström and Edler, it's just not worth it. Adam Larsson is on the bubble though, so if you're choosing between two equal talents you could favor the rightie.

Fun fact: Sweden has had two right-handed Olympic defensemen in total since 1994. Fredrik Olausson in 2002, and Mange Johansson in 2010. The 2006 gold team had none.
Its possibly not worth it, and I am not "guaranteing" it, but Rundblad could climb the status latter in a hurry once he gets a chance and if he manage to put things together.

Rundblad is elite offensively from the blueline and in. I've seen him in the AHL this season, and he is really putting his mind into paying his dues in order to become a full time NHLer. I also saw him in the AHL when OEL and Stone was down there during the lockout, and Rundblad still stuck out in that comparision in terms of offense. To put it like this, I wouldn't at all be suprised if Rundblad was the 2nd highest scoring Swedish D in the NHL within 24 months.

But, I definitely agree with you that Rundblad isn't a top 8 Swedish D right now.

In the end, we will get zero offense from a left shooting right D on the Sedin's line. It doesn't matter if that D is OEL or Enström or Hedman. If you put a right handed shot you get like 2-4 prime scoring chances per game that you don't get otherwise.

Hockey is a team game and when building a team "details" can matter tremendously. Not playing a right shooting D with the Sedin's is just plain stupid. I would even go as far as saying that the Sedin's prime offensive tool is utilizing that shot when playing against a -- good -- defense. That defense can take away the space around the net, but the points are opened up. If you got a left D there, that extra second or two it takes to get an shot of will let the defending forward get into the shooting lane. But if you get a right shot there, like Danielsson on the PP in the WCH's, they will on a regular basis get shots off with alot of traffic infront of the goalie.

And the shot is definitely not the only aspect where a right D has an advantage over a left shooting D. He got a big advantage too when pinching in; when feetching pucks in his own end etc.

For me in the end, a requisite is that Rundblad does take another step next season and establish himself in the NHL. That is not guaranteedSo possibly its not worth it. But if he can, that left D making the team gotta be a helluva lot better than him to play.

Originally Posted by Lugaid View Post
I'm not too sure about Adam Larsson. He has his ups and downs in New Jersey, still quite frequent on the bench. Yes, he has potential, but will he really be ready for a spot in Sochi? Not over some others. I'd rather have Carl Gunnarsson, for example. Hedman isn't a lock for me either, he's kind of the same as Larsson, even though he's obviously come a lot further. To me, anyway, the Olympics are the place where you take out the best performing players, it's a very short tournament, you don't bring along "prospects" unless they're really good and reliable.
I agree for sure on Adam Larsson's play.

He made alot of high quality plays defensively and offensively for NJD this season. But the consistency wasn't there to be a top 8 D for us. But, the kid is 20 y/o. He will be an alot better defender next season. That alone still probably not enough, but OTOH, I had him on my team roster above as an 8th D and I don't see us rolling 4 D pairings when it matters in the Olympics. No team is even elminated after the first three games.

So I wouldn't be that afraid to pick AL for the 8th D spot. If he plays at the Olympics and is composed and gets the job done, he might be able to do the trick as the right shooting D with the Sedin's.

(I'm thinking Brodin is an example of someone who has an outside chance)
I agree for sure about Brodin. He is a fantstically gifted D. I wonder if he -- today -- isn't among the absolute top D's in the world at getting the puck out of his own end and into the attacking zone.

You of course really gotta monitor these young D's, but I would go with this roster for the above reasons:
Edler-Rundblad//Rundblad gives the Sedin's a top notch shot from the right point. Edler can shoot from the left point. They should spend alot of time in the attacking zone against any team.

Kronwall-E Karlsson//Karlsson could be a top scorer at OG's playing on this unit, a 4th forward. Also an awsome line that I think could play 20 minutes and more or less dominate against the best of Canada/Russia/USA.

Franzen-Jimmie Ericsson-Landeskog
Brodin-Tallinder//A checking/character line. I wouldn't gamble on Patrick Berglund, but go with Jimmie Ericsson instead. They are not supposed to achieve anything really, but not loosing games for us. Brodin gets a shot because he is so darn good at getting the puck up ice. He is used ot the big ice etc. Brodin alone will make the top line of Canada/Russia/USA spend more time in their defensive zone than they want to.

The NHL breed forecheckers will just not catch him when he fetches pucks in the corners and skates it out of trouble. It would be so tough to play against him, even for the better teams.

Hagelin-Joel Lundqvist-Steen
OEL-Adam Larsson//For the PK and for a 4th line in general, it would make more sense with more defensive minded Ds on this line. But these two have played together before (in the WJC's), and could be used as insurence at any postiion in the top 6 really. We will not roll 4 D pairings anyway when it matters.

Also, OEL is not a "3rd pairing" D by my book. He makes alot of misstakes with the puck, and can be a tad ineffective. The typical nr 1 D's get away with that when playing 25 minutes a night. But when the same D's play 15 minutes a night, its seldom effective. I've followed international hockey closely for 20+ years, I just get a bad feeling about OEL on a 3rd pairing.

You also have Hedman who is getting better by the year. Its extremely tough to leave him off the team. I love Brodin, but Hedman is extremely close to replacing him on this roster by my book. Enström is doing a fantastic job for the Pegs, but OTOH, he is definitely more of a top 4 D and he isn't a top 4 D for us. We could also use more crease clearers on the PK and defensively. Grossman stands out as the top defensive Swedish D in the NHL. He is a character D who I would love to have on this team. And so forth.

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