Thread: Player Discussion: Louis Leblanc?
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05-28-2013, 10:12 AM
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He had one bad year and he had a tough injury, I really like LL, surprised that soo many ppl have given up on him already.

I always saw him as a 3rd line guy so maybe some ppl expected more, he reminds me of Higgins a little, smart players, who maybe ppl didnt meet what ppl expected of them in MTL.

Another thing I don't agree with, is that some ppl say that if he isn't a top 9 forward, he is useless, I don't think so, I remember in 11-12 durning his call ups, he plays a very physical game, does very well along the boards and wins battle and this was when he was very light, I believe he had two straight summers where he could work out and gain some weight, so ideal hell put on some more weight to be more effective.

Another plus for LL, is that he is a centre that is better on the wing and more effective also a right hand shot, something we don't have. When and if one of Plek or DD are traded, having Leblanc a guy that can move to king is one of Eller Gally or Plek/DD would be good for our depth.

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