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Remember how I came in here?
Obnoxious, overbearing, yet completely harmless and eager to learn?
Oh I argue with everyone and have no redeeming qualities but you know what it's b/c I lack something.
Knowledge. But hey knowledge that i don't display is knowledge you all get a chance to share
I have made a few people laugh, others blew their tops and some I'm sure cried in disgust.
Even several oldies/luminaries have told me what a piece of garbage I truly am

On the day I accused Richards of spitting in the face of every NYR fan Jon got pissed.
Frankly I don't blame him i was kinda going over the top for fun but still I was jk.

Then I posted these very odd poetic posts with hidden meanings.

Everyone listen up I don't ask for much here except that you lend me your ears
Accept my humblest of requests please and vote me for one award
Rookie of the year

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