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Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
True, but that is why I say they rebuilt it wrong.
Should have gotten defensemen first.
They take longer to develop, you would have plenty of time
to draft centers and forwards while the defensemen were
developing their game in minors.
Then you wouldn't have to gut your forwards to replenish your defense.

IMHO, you can't win a cup with this defense, just too average.
Time to blow the team up again I am afraid.
This is why you build from goalie out not from front line to backend.

You can not just keep patching this defense with players other teams
no longer need and expect it to be more than adequate.
Look. I think everybody on here understands your dislike of how the team has been built and how you think the defense is crap, but another rebuild would only set this team back another couple years.

Paul Holmgren came in during the 06-07 season, likely with a five-year plan built around Richards, Carter and the results of the Forsberg trade.

At the end of the 2010-11 season, five seasons had passed since Holmgren came in midway through 06-07. Clearly, Holmgren felt the team had peaked and felt that the current team structure (no goalie) and started a new five-year plan likely built around Bryzgalov, Giroux and the results of the Richards and Carter trades. Bryzgalov has been a failure thus far. Giroux has lived up to expectations as a #1 PPG center who already hit 90 points and makes everybody around him better. The Richards and Carter trades - on paper - have worked out wonderfully and replenished the Flyers depleted roster. It hurts that they went on to win a Cup, though.

The team is not going to rebuild again, or overpay for players. They could've with Weber. I still think they might for somebody like Ryan or Yandle and I don't think it would be the right move. The team is just recovering from all the selling of futures for aging or rental players. Like the Pronger trade...

The loss of Chris Pronger is something people overlook as we paid Lupul, Sbisa and two firsts in hopes that he'd play into his 40s - or until he lost a big step. Now, it is a lot like the retirement of a great player that you paid a lot of assets to get except you have to still deal with the cap-hit. The loss of Pronger really ruined the defense and likely destroyed Holmgren's plans to have the defense led by our captain and Hall of Fame veteran while injecting youth into it year by year. Now, he's just gone and a giant hole has been left both on the roster and in our asset pool. That's why I think the defense should be built mostly from within from now on. Pay huge to get Pronger, pay huge to replace him, pay huge to replace whoever we shipped off for him, and it's just a neverending cycle of a loss of assets. It's just stupid.

If McGinn and Laughton make the team next season, we'll have 5 players on the team that were drafted by the team. None of them being defensemen. None of them being goaltenders. I think it's safe to say the reason our defense looks like it does is because we either trade for them or sign them as UFAs, never getting the cheap years on an ELC or the cheap 2nd contract.

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