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05-28-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by MrEctions View Post
Was thinking the exact same thing, though the Devils fans hopes are resting upon getting Bernier out of LA.

Perosnally I dont give Hank a dime over 8mil/year. Even at that it would be a long thought process before I offered it up. I just think in todays NHL you can be successful without your goalie being your best player.

Yes, but this is the Rangers we're talking about.

Would we be anywhere near a playoff spot this year, much less beating the Caps if it wasn't for Lundqvist? No.

If Hank leaves, firstly the Rangers style would have to change, they can no longer depend on Hank to bail them out night in, night out. Either a more defensively tight game, which would bring upon a DZ trade IMO. Or secondly, a more offensive game, outgun your opponents. However, this change of style would only happen if/when Torts leave. No way is he deviating career long method.

Lastly, no way will Torts stay if Lundqvist leaves, it's not possible. If it comes down to Hank/Torts, everyone and their mother knows the choice there.

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