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10-05-2006, 06:39 PM
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the coach can bench any player he chooses. He's in charge of the team. I ahve seen players as young as 6 benched. Missing gear/jersey, missing practice, poor attitude, excessive penalties, lazy performance...its a long list. We as parents are spectators. Now, that parent could very easily have talked in private with the coach asking what the problem was and helped straighten out "LITTLE JOHNNY'S" issue. the coach has the right to bench ANY player. Many parents today think their kid can do no wrong....everyone is a freaking victim. Kids need to learn to take responsibility for their actions and work thier way through the situations created by their behaviors. For all we know he might have felt the boy was too tired, injured, playing off his game..etc etc etc. Its not our place to second guess let alone physically attack the guy. House league or not the Coach makes the call. I want a Coach willing to put the team first and do what it takes to give them the win(legally and with in the rules). Coaches do not just bench a player on a whim.

That was one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard. Because I am not CANADIAN I wouldn't understand? Not all Canadians are totally into hockey, just as not all Americans are into baseball. Save that nationalistic bigotry for someone that will buy it. I have played this great game since I was just under 4. That means I have 44 years of play time and not once have I personaly seen a parent or group of parents do anything more than yell. My father was a goalie, my grandfather was a goalie...two of my three children are goalies. Hockey is a passion and as much as a part of my family history and traditions as ANY Canadians. Dont be such a BIGOT.

The message you send is that its OK to do what he did. Jail, anger management etc etc isn't strong enough. The ultimate penalty is to be banned for LIFE. Do the crime then you had better be able to handle the time. Why should that or any future Coach for that boy have to be subject to this mental case being behind him in the stands? Would YOU want him there behind you after he tried to kill you? Would you be so forgiving? Had no one intervened he could very well have killed the guy. I wouldn't want the guy anywhere near me, my family in the stands or the team.

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