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05-28-2013, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
McIlrath is a fairly unique talent in that he's big, tough and skates well. I know I said repeatedly he should improve his skating, but that doesn't detract from the fact that he has very good speed and it is only his short step skating that needs work. Short step skating is fixable, whereas speed isn't something you can create.

I see no reason why he can't be another Beukeboom, potentially a faster, tougher version of Beuk.

In Hartford, you could actually see fewer runs into the goalies after he joined the team mid-season. Everyone and his mother was just charging at Talbot, as if they were running backs and he was the defensive line. A few punches from MCI fixed that issue real quick.
NO reason? Come on, how is that any better than saying 'he will never be like Beuk' like some here have said ?

What he does is unique, but not to the AHL, that's why he will be valuable, very few of these guys can do that on the regular at the highest level. One season of AHL hockey is in the books. He didn't do anything to hurt his stock, in fact it might have gone up a bit. But as many have said before, players like this take time, I've pointed out many who play his game before him took time before they were brought in to play decent minutes. Everyones fave Beuk was 23 before he gained a worthy role on a very good Oiler team. DM just turned 21. Beuk was in Nova Scotia when he turned 21.

Kid has time, the fans don't. Keep growing the monster at the farm level, wait for the moment he knows he's ready. When just keeping up isn't good enough, when he can keep up and play the game he's known for. Then you have to pray for good health, this is no perimeter Quebec league winger

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