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05-28-2013, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Where did I say that he should be paid less than Nash?

Being paid slightly more than Nash is still market value or above, however. He already has had one contract above market value. If he cares more about winning the Cup, he will take a bit less than he would get on the market.

I don't view Hank as a Crosby-level talent. If Crosby is making 8.7M, Lundqvist should be making about 7.5 or so. I am willing to give the dude 8M. I think that is very generous. And, frankly, Nash is overpaid by .8M or so. Why should that mean Lundqvist should be overpaid by almost a million?
You're still seriously thinking about this 10mil thing, it's starting to get a bit sad now, don't you think?
Psst, a tip, not everything you read is true.

Can't we turn the conversation to what he can realisticly want to be paid/we think he deserves? Would be much more interesting than all the "omg he cant be paid 10mil, lets run him out of town" "no way 10mil" "10 mil? he isnt crobsy".

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