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Originally Posted by Mrpuck View Post
10mil, ummm no. The cap hit can't be higher then 7mil or we're going to have issues. I actually think offering his same contract or at most a slight increase to 7m to match Rinne's. If he wants more then that then he has to go.

As others have said, how many teams have won the cup with a high paid net minder? I love Henrik and he really is the face of the team, but he has to cut the team a break on the contract and consider how much he makes on endorsements and his other ventures. If relocating is ok with him, then so be it. There would only be a small handful of teams who could afford him over 8/9/10 mil. And none of them are serious contenders.
Well, than shouldn't Richards have asked for a lower cap hit for the team to be competitive? Shouldn't Nash have signed at a lower cap hit with Columbus so they can spend money else where to add team depth? Should Perry have signed at less than $8.25 million for his team to be that much more competitive moving forward?

I get your point, and agree in some respects with you, but it's not how you allocate the money, it's how that money performs for the team. Lundqvist getting paid $7 million wouldn't be a big factor if players like Rick Nash, getting paid as the 5th best forward in the game, was actually the 5th best forward in the league. If Richards is getting paid as the 12th best center in the league, and actually performed as the 12th best center, the team wouldn't be where it is now. It's all about having those investments pan out for you. When they don't is when you're in a pinch. And it's up to the GM's to sign reasonable contracts to athletes they truly anticipate will live up to that contract. I have no issue signing Lundqvist to $7+ million per year, because he will live up to it.

Right now, Nash and Richards are being greatly overpaid. Callahan is slightly overpaid, but for the most part, his contract is reasonable.

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