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05-28-2013, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
On the first bold point, I don't doubt what you're saying, but just because a team would be willing to pay Nash $8 million per year does not make it a good contract. Remember, multiple teams were willing to sign Redden at $6+ million per year, that didn't mean Sather made the right choice at that cap hit.

And on the second point, I do agree that we didn't sign Nash at that contract, but I have a hard time believing that Lundqvist, who knows he is the best player on the team, will be willing to take less than someone who hasn't paid his dues as a NYR making more than him.

Look at Pittsburgh. Crosby was signed at $8.7 million. Malkin had the same value to the team at the time. If Malkin signed elsewhere, a team would have offered him more. BUT, the Penguins management and Malkin knew he had similar value to Crosby and got the same contract (especially when the contracts were signed). If you think you're the best player on the team, or tied for the best (in Malkin and Crosby's case during their first signing) than you want to be paid like that.
Yeah, but we are talking about value. Nash, at 7.8, is not really that overpaid. You have to take into account his market value when you discuss that. He's marginally overpaid by almost 1M. That's not brutal by any stretch.

That's why I don't mind Lundqvist getting 8M. He's the best player and should be paid around equal or slightly more than Nash. 10 is just insanity and any much more than 8 means we should think about trading him.

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