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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Don't be so quick to think he'll become an UFA if he stays here. I can see him remain here for the rest of his career being used less and less.
At this point we have 3 PMDs going into next season, PK-Markov-Diaz. Kaberle and Weber are likely to be gone by the start of next year (I don't understand how they could have been used so little this year if the plan isn't to get rid of them).
I don't think Markov is expendable unless Diaz blossoms into some real gem and Beaulieu makes huge progress.
I believe Diaz is likely to be the guy being moved out. He's smaller, isn't better defensively, nor can he QB the PP. Unless this changes, with Beaulieu getting closer, I see him being moved.

What I would like is for Markov to remain here, on the 3rd pairing, with PK and Beaulieu (eventually) taking over the top 2 spots. We would have our 3 PMDs, Markov could get some extra time on the PP as he'll always be a great QB there, and get lower minutes at ES. Those three guys should be paired with bigger and more rugged Dmen. We have Emelin and Tinordi, ideally we eventually move Gorges for someone similar to him except bigger and more physical.
All three of our PMDs would be complimented with bigger physical Dmen.
Also, no more off wing crap unless they are clearly just as comfortable there. Emelin should not play on the right side.

As for Markov, if he remains healthy next year, playing around 20min with heavy PP minutes likely being one of the leaders in the NHL for PP pts again, I'm sure it would be pretty high.
I actually think Gorges will be just fine, we had him playing top vs other teams top lines, which isn't his role IMO, better suited for a 2nd pair. Also team seems to really like his leadership, and no way do I see them trading him. I mean he was the one that stepped up and took Gallagher into his home.

It might not for next year, both maybe the year other, a D-core of

Would be better nice imo.

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