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05-28-2013, 03:30 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
i disagree. Home run swings was the only play. It's NEVER a good option to pay sub optimal talent at high prices (Carle) long term. Yes, he would have helped this last season, where we likely would have not really done anything anyway. I would have easily gave him 6 m, for 1 year, but the 6 years were the issue for me.

Had we hit on parise and suter, we would have likely ha a much different season. But after these 2, the talent dropoff for UFAs was significant, and nobody worth committing to long term.

In one year increments, screw it...get whoever helps, it's not my money.
No it wasn't. The weber swing was one thing and more understandable but as Meltzer himself explained the Suter and Parise attempt was a pipe dream from the outset and a poor miscalc that led to Jagr and Carle going elsewhere which did impact the team since their replacements didn't have much added value.

The only reason Carle got offered 6 years at that ridik price was b/c Holmgren allowed him to go on the open market in the first place even though he said he thought he could keep Carle at a home team discount earlier. Meltzer pointed out that during the season they had enough tagging space to get a more favorable deal done but they extended Coburn and others and left him and Jagr hanging in the offseason going after a pipe dream.

Anyway, there is a lot more to it but Holmgren had a bad offseason and it included him and Snider telling their coach to implement a system that was more defensive to help their supposed franchise goalie who should know how to be the best player on the ice and bail the team out when mistakes are made. This caused the team to be confused for most of the year as Hartnell lamented post season.....

Holmgren bears a lot of responsibility for missing the playoffs b/c he didn't know how to take that next step that was necessary. He had an ill-assembled team (especially on D--lack of PMD) much of it the result of trying to accomodate a goalie that didn't fit the coach's system to begin with. Injuries didn't help but they still didn't have the right personnel...Holmgren could have and should have done a lot better but so should everybody, players and even the owner.

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