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05-28-2013, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
Now that I think about it we have a set up like "U11 U13 U15 U18"

When you hit 18 here, you're done minor hockey. You can find a Jr. C, B, or A team but considering our numbers, it's very few who play after age 18.

The thing I don't like that I seem to have picked up from THF is that there's a rule about playing up a level if your 2 years younger? IMO that's idiotic if the kid can play at that level, get him as much god damn ice time as possible that challenges him...

That rule would meant Kieran Brown can't play U16 for another year? He could have probably contributed significantly to a bad Bradford U16 team this year...
I believe the rule is you can't play up more than 1 age group. So a U14 couldn't play in the U18 league. It never used to be this way, like I said the insurance companies got funny. It wasn't uncommon to have good U14 players playing for the U19 team and you used to have guys like Stevie Lyle playing their first senior games when they were 14, now you have to be 16 to play adult hockey.

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