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05-28-2013, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
Keep saying it, my head is bit hard.
It might sink in some day.

Yes, our talent pool is shallow.
I would love them to draft the next Lundquist.
Or the next Crosby, or Weber.

I just take issue with how the Front Office goes about refilling it.
I understand that a player ranked at 11 is better than a player ranked 15-17.
And that supposedly you pick the BPA, but, I feel the Flyers,

There were better players than Laughton available at the time,
and Hamilton could have been the BPA, not Couturier.
Another team had Hamilton rated highly, why not us.
Other teams think a #1 Defenseman are the BPA, why not the Flyers.

If I am keeping Coots and Laughton, then I trade down if BPA is another center or forward.
Then I get another useful pick and can pick maybe a defenseman is BPA.
Then, I have an extra chance of drafting a useful player in the draft.
More picks = Less chance of draft busts.
Hamilton was taken after Couturier. Nobody else had taken him. After Couturier was taken, perhaps Hamilton became BPA for the Bruins.

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