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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
"Hitting the Reset button" is what the oilers do to deflect their over all incompetence.

The things most of us are critical of Reed about are things that have nothing to do with the sorry assed gm we had last year. they are things that have been present his 1st two years.

Poor in game coaching decisions. Bewildering players selections before games. Poor attention to detail and basic simple errors. Very poor body language and terrible on the sideline performance. Lack of discipline re penalties.

No, there is no reset button as far as I'm concerned.
Ah, but he's back with a different GM and coordinators so apparently there is. If Kavis doesn't leave those very real issues you mentioned behind, there will be no 2nd RESET for him. I hope he does, not because I think he & Hervey are good guys but because him doing so will most likely result in an improved on-field performance by the Eskimos.

The key word in all of that was 'hope' just like I had before Jauch, Campbell and Lancaster proved to be successful. I also had it before the likes of Ketella, Stephenson, Matthews (as head coach), Maciocia and Hall proved not to be. I'm willing to see how Reed's 3rd season goes before I decide which category he fits in.

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