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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
I am not sure you realize that our prospect system needs every single position player we can get. Not just defense, offense or goalie, but all of them! Can't you understand this? It has been said many ties before. Also if we trade Couts(which presumably for a defender) why are you still adamant about taking a defenseman? We would need another forward who could make the jump this year or next to help out of forward depth then.

Say a player like Barkov falls to 11, would you take Pulock or any other defenseman over him, if the answer is yes, you would be the worst GM out there. He would easily be the best player at that spot, you need to take the BPA always to ensure they have the best chance of working out. If you don't, you increase the risk of that player being a bust.

How many times does this have to be told to you?

You do NOT alwaysdraft BPA, that's a common misconception You rate each and every player on many catagories and from that you RANK the players (usually you do it by a point system rating players on ascale of 1-10 in however many catagories). Usually you end up with "tiers" of players where we will most likely be outside to first two tiers. You can easily end up with 3 players within a point or two of each other and then you look to your team "needs" and one player may be more "valuable" than another. When a player drops from a tier above where you had him rated THAT'S when you clearly do NOT draft by need. It may very well end up that the players in the tier where we are draft are all forwards and to take a dman would drafting a tier down and NOT building the STRONGEST team possible.

The point is that you CAN'T just draft by need and you CAN'T draft just BPA. Drafting purely by need would make you a weaker team in the long run. Drafting purely by BPA when there may be a few players very close to each other could very easily leave you with gaping holes and preventing you from building the best team possible.

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