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01-04-2004, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Doghouse
Since Brewer is on the block, so sources say, I thought I'd advocate a little proposal. Not to mention, I'm really really bored.

To the Penguins:
D Eric Brewer (2.5 mil.)

To the Oilers:
RW Aleksey Morozov (1.5 mil.)
C Milan Kraft--------(935K)
Net salary-----------2.435 mil.

The trade is on an even scale, money-wise. For what the Pens will get in return, a bonifide tough man on defense with experience and some upswing left, I think 65k added to their payroll would be fine. Not to mention, I'm sure they'll be some cash thrown around, however little the amount. We're not dealing with the Rangers or the Capitals here.

The Oilers get Morozov and Kraft, both with some upswing. And keep this in mind, Morozov has more points than more than half of the Oilers' roster. In the same respect, Kraft has more points than the same amount of Oilers with 10 less games played.

I honestly don't think, even considering how financially distraught the Penguins are these days, that 70k would break them.

However, I know nothing about Brewer's contract structure or his arbitration rights. If anybody has info on that, I'd like to hear it.

The way i see the oil would only make a deal like this is they were doing a forward and brewer for a forward and D-man they could use.

The players u listed just are not impact prospects which it would take to land Brewer., I could see a deal like Brewer and laraque for Whitney and the right to switch 1st round picks with the pens.

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