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05-28-2013, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Chicago drafted their defense years before they got Kane/Toews, spent a ton of money of UFAs to get that one shot at the cup(Hossa, Heut, Campbell), and promptly had to dismantle and retool because they over-extended themselves so badly.

Crosby/Malkin are among the very best players in the league and reached that level of play very quickly, something none of the Oiler drafted players can even hope to claim.

Those teams won cups due massive levels of drafting luck, and years of painstaking talent acquisitions, the fact that some of there top tier players were on or close to their ELCs is merely incidental, and a product of the fact they were drafted later in their respect team's rebuilds. The Oilers will never be a UFA destination, nor does it have a ready to break out defense core, nor has it drafted multiple generational talent level players. They'll get their shot at the cup, but it will be later on when Hall/Yak/RNH mature.

Also, 6 million for RNH? 2.5 for Paajarvi? I know the Oilers back themselves into a corner with Hall by making him the franchise savior, and Eberle had a career year in his contract year, but RNH hasn't done anything to earn a contract like that(and will be coming off injury this year), and Paajarvi most definitely hasn't done anything to earn any kind of raise. At some point the Oilers will have to start actually negotiating fair contracts instead of just offering their own players contracts they can't refuse.

Not that 23 million for 4 - 6 front line players is all that much anyways. Most of the cup contenders have upwards of 30 million tied up in their 4 - 6 best players.

Chicago - 35 million on 6 players
Pittsburg - 32 million on 5 players
SJ - 31.3 on 5 players
Boston - 25.2 on 5 players
LA - 25 million on 4 players

it's all about paying the talent, and finding cheap but effective role players to play behind them.
We've picked top 10 every year since 2007 except 2008 where we got Eberle. How many years do we need to pick top 10 before we're back in the playoffs? Gotta love excuses, but the fact is that this season coming up we'll be able to bring in several higher paid depth players to help make a run. Who knows what will happen 2-5 years from now.

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