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05-29-2013, 12:09 AM
Max Patio-Ready
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Not saying that Price is on Quick's level by any means, but as someone who watched a large majority of Kings games this season (Roommate is a huge kings fan), I can say that Quick didn't have the best season this year (Not including these playoffs). Quick is definitely an elite goalie don't get me wrong, and is probably one of the best goalies in the NHL, if not the best, but saying he had a vastly superior year to Price is just simply incorrect. Also, the defense in LA is much better than the defense in Montreal. It really is night and day.

Not using these observations to defend the notion that Price is as good as Quick by any means, only sharing what i seen this year. Price has a lot of work to do to even come close to the Elite level that Quick is currently on, but i think many of you are over evaluating Quick's regular season this year. I know you are all big fans of Quick, as am I... I would love to have him on our team... so as I put my flame suit on I will say this one last thing... Over this regular season Quick was not... (Deep Breath, and fetal position)...Spectacular.

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