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05-29-2013, 12:39 AM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
NYR, Boston, Columbus, Los Angeles, Nashville just on top of my head, would not do this for performance-related reasons.

Then, you've got teams like Vancouver, Detroit, Anaheim, Phoenix, St. Louis, Ottawa, Carolina and Minnesota who would not do it based on fit and chemestry, and also based on cost and the fact it's not worth it to pull the trigger on such a trade for them for that little difference in performance.

That's 13 teams I wouldn't see being interested in trading their #1 goalie for Price, for many different reasons.
Let's go through each team and see if they would make the trade:

Anaheim: Can someone explain to me how they have goalie depth? They have a guy in Hiller who's 31 and over his shorter career has played just as well as Price, except the age factor. Fasth has played 25 games in the NHL. Enough said. Gibson too young, not ready yet. Bobkov and Andersen, not good enough IMO. In short, Anaheim takes the deal Hiller/Fasth for Price (although MTL shouldn't).

Boston: Rask is better than Price and same age. Enough said.

Buffalo: Miller getting older and playing just as good as Price past couple (2-3) years and Enroth not better than Price IMO. Buffalo takes the deal Price for Miller.

Calgary: Miikka Kiprusoff way too old. Joey MacDonald not better than Price. Calgary takes the deal Kiprusoff for Price.

Carolina: Ward is older, stats just as good as Price's if not worse (over his entire career vs. Price's). Carolina takes the deal Ward for Price.

Chicago: This one is a tough one. I believe in the fact because Corey is only 3 years in the league and his stats are pretty good, but just as good as Price's and he's a bit older. Also, add in the fact that the previous two seasons (especially last season) they were tandeming him and Emery, I say Chicago takes the deal Crawford for Price.

Colorado: Varlamov and Giguere aren't anywhere near Price's level. Colorado takes the deal Varlamov for Price.

Columbus: Although Bobo did secure a nomination for Vezina, to me it's sort of asterisk because it was half a season (as is PK's Norris nod). He is younger than Price, but has played less games than Price and has been just as inconsistent as Price. To me it goes both ways, if Columbus believes they can contend for the SC next year or feel that Bobo couldn't propel them to the POs in an 82 game season, Columbus takes the deal Bobrovsky for Price. However if they still think it's another rebuild year, they don't do it.

Dallas: Lehtonen being older than Price and having about the same if not worse career numbers than Price, I say Dallas takes the deal Lehtonen for Price.

Detroit: I'll agree Howard is better. They don't take this deal as they are contenders still and still have a prime goalie. Detroit does not take the deal Howard for Price.

Edmonton: Dubnyk is older than Price and has just as good if not worse numbers than Price over their careers. Price has played more games too. Edmonton takes the deal Dubnyk for Price.

Florida: I don't believe Markstrom is ready yet and won't be until he's at least 26/27, which gives Price 5+ years as the #1 should Florida be ready to contend. Florida takes the trade Theodore or Clemmensen for Price.

Los Angeles: We all know what this one should be. LA does not take the deal Quick for Price.

Minnesota: Backstrom is damn old and Harding (i hate to say it) is not guaranteed to be able to overcome his battle with MS and play 60+ regular season games + playoffs. Minnesota takes the deal Backstrom for Price.

Nashville: Rinne is older, he has better numbers than Price. i don't want to use the defense in front of him excuse, so i won't. I think Nashville doesn't take the deal Rinne for Price.

New Jersey: Brodeur is all but done. Hedberg can't start 60+ games and perform in the playoffs. New Jersey takes the deal Brodeur for Price.

New York Islanders: Nabokov is old, and highly unlikely DiPietro makes a comeback and is also about 5 years older than Price. New York Islanders takes the deal Nabokov for Price.

New York Rangers: Reigning Vezina Trophy winner, The King. New York Rangers don't take the deal Lundqvist for Price.

Ottawa: Based on their goalie depth only do the Sens not trade Anderson for Price. They would be stupid to trade Lehner for Price too. Ottawa doesn't take the deal Anderson/Lehner for Price.

Philadelphia: Mason although younger than Price, don't believe would be ready to propel Philadelphia to a Cup. Phildelphia takes the deal Bryzgalov for Price.

Phoenix: Smith is inconsistent. Price is younger and just as good. Phoenix takes the deal Smith for Price.

Pittsburgh: Fleury is older than Price and has been proven to collapse harder than Price in the POs. They can't rely on a guy like Vokoun forever. Pittsburgh takes the deal Fleury for Price.

San Jose: They're contenders and have a strong goalie in net in Niemi. San Jose doesn't take the deal Niemi for Price.

St. Louis: They're contenders and got unlucky with the LA matchup. I don't get the save percentage numbers though this regular season for Brian Elliott (quite weird at .907 or something and a ridiculously low GAA [i guess skewed cuz of the defensive system the team plays]). I don't think St. Louis makes the deal Elliott for Price.

Tampa Bay: Ben Bishop is about the same age as Price, but has been sort of only been consistent lately and has played less than Price. Price's stats are quite similar and he's played more games both over the career and in a given season. I believe that Tampa Bay takes the deal Bishop for Price.

Toronto: Reimer is younger, but has played less games than Price and has never played more than 40 something games per season thus far. If Leafs are contenders in the next couple years, this trade would definitely happen (also considering all the noise in getting Luongo), I believe Toronto takes the deal Reimer for Price (as do a lot of Leafs fans will )

Vancouver: If Gillis isn't lying in terms of a small rebuild, then they don't take the deal. However I would be confident in saying that Luongo or Schneider or Price the Canucks would take. Price is more proven than Schneider IMO and Luongo is past his prime I think a bit. I think Vancouver Canucks take the deal Luongo/Schneider for Price provided they aren't in rebuild mode.

Washington: Holtby is young and has never played a full season yet. If Washington are truly still contenders than this trade does indeed would happen. I believe Washington takes the deal Holtby for Price.

So if I'm not mistaken the only people who don't take the trade are:

Columbus (maybe)
Los Angeles
San Jose
St. Louis

So he's arguably Top 8 and definitely Top 9. So we have a top 10 goaltender on our hands. I'm going to be the first to say it he isn't a top 5 goalie yet. But if he wins the Vezina next year, i'm changing a lot of these...

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If Price played like Quick during the season something tells me we'd be reading about you in the news having attacked Carey Price outside of the arena.

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