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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
Horcoff has been bashed more than all of those players combined. There is no logic behind your argument at all. Are you actually saying that Horcoff gave himself more ice time? Those are management and coaching decisions, not player decisions. Horcoff has been dragged through the mud for way too long here. It isn't his fault that he was one of the few NHL caliber forwards this team had, and despite being a 3rd line player in terms of quality, was typically the best center we had as well.
well said. There is a reason he got the ice time he got... coaches didnt trust others BECAUSE THE OTHERS WERE INEPT.
Also there was an article in the journal that compared centres for Eberle and Hall; between Gagner, Horcoff, and RNH. GF vs GA was RNH being best then Horcoff then Gagner, SCF vs SCA (scoring chances) was lopsided victory for Horcoff. Obviously you can point out that he likely messed up more than the other two centres when it was on his stick to finish or do something exceptional --like wait for a lane to develop/predict it rather than force the visible play-- but it shows that people often dont pay attention to the game and who the REAL EXPERTS (coaches that have more hocey IQ than most on some board) choose to take important roles and the work load they are burdened with.

Alot of coaches have been given full rein...and they all relied on Horc. Hmmm who is right? coaches who have lived, breathed, and make a big living off the game and their reputation and then hand their future to Horcoff by playing him in alll situations OR some guy on a message board.

I agree completely with MacT that Horcs spirit is broken. You cant sit there day after day, acting like you are a robot, pushing that anger and dissapointment into the back of your head, putting on the brave face, and turn the page... eventually its going to come throigh the cracks and it infects your day. My hats off to the guy for being a true pro and putting in the effort. I always wonder what would have happened had he did what most other players would have done, and got his shoulder fixed when it needed to be rather than when it finally fell apart at the all star game, and if not how it would have worked out had he rehabbed it properly (needed another 3 months--souray comments on rushing players back etc come to mind) and the team not trade other pivots--or at least find immediate suitable replacements-- so they could avoid putting more burden on him.
I think he can do a good job, just not on this team. Buy him out. Show him respect. Let him walk.

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