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05-29-2013, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Flyinghab View Post
I'm gonna hold my reservations about this season as it was a bizarre one in so many ways. First off it was 48 games, pre-season routines were thrown out the window. I clearly don't know what Pricey does for workouts but his preparation for the season could be very crucial. A new and experienced goalie coach definitely couldn't hurt, just look how one year changed Reimer. Something that stuck with me when he gave his year end interview, he stated that aside from the knee injury he also had an injury from the previous year. Was it enough to affect his play? Who knows but it makes you wonder. I trust Bergy will help Pricey anyway he can and that he'll be 100% ready to go next season.
But this year and playoffs are not an anomaly. Looking at just the playoffs, he has been pretty weak for most of them. I'm willing to see what happens next year. But the injury or goalie coach have nothing to do with him being lazy in his net.

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