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05-29-2013, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post
It's actually 5th overall.

I think Tlusty/McBain/1st is fair, personally. Maybe take McBain out.

Faulk I doubt will be moved. It's more of a sideways step than anything for Carolina if they make that move.
I like McBain as a player, but looking forward, I don't see where he fits. Also not a huge fan of Tlusty. Riding coattails.

Originally Posted by bobbop View Post
As for the rest of this mess my number one priority is a defenseman (preferably a righty) who can run the power play. That would make the offense half a goal a game better. Looking around the league it seems that any deal is going to have to be a value for value move which I am OK with. Fix the power play and you fix the offense.
110% agree. With a good PP comes confidence. With confidence, comes more even strength goals.

Originally Posted by aufheben View Post
I'd be fine with that. We need all 3 of those: Scoring winger, 1st rounder, and a RH O-D. This D core needs a righty that can provide offense, and we are set for years.
Murphy would be the better option, IMO. They should be looking for a mean power forward if they move Staal. If Tlusty has to come back, they should look to flip him for Kassian + or something along those lines.

Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
Why Tlusty?
Edit: he is a 3rd liner shooting 20%, he won't sustain it. His value will never get higher. It's downhill from here.
I am not a fan.

Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post
He gets a lot of high percentage chances, i.e bang-bang plays and rebounds. He is one of the better finishers in the league, and he's a very good two-way player.

I'm probably a bigger fan of Tlusty than most, but I think he's going to be a 25-30 goal player moving forward, with potential for more when paired with elite players.
He does, but that is because people set him up. Like I said, if he is included, swap him out for a power forward.

Originally Posted by darko View Post
Well Faulk did have more points than Staal this season so he's clearly a better player.

Something about Tlusty scares me. I can see him coming here and barely breaking 15 goals. If I'm trading Staal I want a good top-6 forward coming back.
Agreed, or I want a young top-9 power forward who can effect a game in multiple ways + a young RHD puck mover.

Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Why havent we made them give up Ryan Murphy yet???
No idea. The kid is going to be dynamite offensively.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Tlusty is an alright piece for a tweener I guess. You've got to surround him with star players to get the most out of him though. He's shockingly transitioned into a nice 2-way guy.
Not a fan.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Perhaps they don't want to move Murphy or maybe the Rangers aren't interested. My only viewing of him was in the WJC and he was god awful.
My guess? Carolina doesn't want to move him as Faulk's offense has not transitioned as of yet to the NHL level and they see Murphy as one of their only offensive d-men in their organization. All the more reason to request he be included.

Originally Posted by Ola View Post
We should be interested if he could be had. Slats needs to turn over some stones here.

Ryan Murphy undoubtedly have the raw ability. He is an extremely dynamic young D, and almost only matched by E Karlsson and Brodin in some areas (his skating and stickhandling, he is especially not just able to rush the puck (many kids can do that at the junior level) but he got that ability to just skate 8s around people). People can trash him all they want for his WJC's showing, RM was awsome in several games but got the blame when Canada as a team failed. I also saw some of him in the U18 WJC's, and he scored 2 PPG's in that tournament.

In the end, I think, that all that matters with a kid like that is to give him a really good environment to succeed in. We really have a set table for a kid like that. We have been waiting for him for decades.

My point is just, we have an extremely flawed transition game, we have an extremely flawed puck-possession game, we have one of the worst PP's -- due to Torts system. When Torts had success in Tampa, the game was very diffrent etc. And, he also had one of the best PMD's in the game in Dan Boyle, and one of the best puck possession forwards in Martin St Louis. There have been talk about if Torts can change, that talk is somewhat irrelevant because a change isn't made over a summer. It takes years to implement these stuff. And Torts is probably not very good at implementing break out's etc., he has coached for a quite long time without ever using them. But a big advantage with Torts is that he won't cripple his players as long as they don't screw up. Hence we might be able to cover for some of Torts flaws with a certain type of players. Ryan Murphy fits that bill perfectly.
This. Murphy has the hockey IQ and skating ability to really have an impact on the game at the NHL level. Pair him with McIlrath or McDonagh and let him do his thing.

Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Dan Boyle? SJ isn't giving him away for cheap. He is 37 and has a huge cap hit. What are the Rangers trading for him? SJ wanted young assets at the deadline.

Brent Burns is a right winger these days. He hasn't played D in months. Burns plays on Thornton's wing. SJ traded their top prospect,top six forward and a #1 pick for Burns. The Rangers can't afford that after forking over 4 assets for Nash.

Another guy is this Bobby Ryan. The Rangers already have a fat and lazy overpriced winger in Nash. They don't need another one. Bob Murray wanted a kings ransom for Ryan last summer. The Rangers can't afford another multiple asset trade for another winger.

The Rangers need to make hockey trades. Get out of the star search business. Get out of the free agent business.
Boyle would be a terrible move. Short-sighted.

Agreed on Ryan. No need. This team needs another high quality center and a high quality RHD PMD.

Originally Posted by puckrush View Post
Agree. That's the player I'd want from Carolina.

Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Chicago rebuilt their depth with young players. Saad, Shaw. Kruger. Leddy(acquired in trade w/Johnsson for Barker). They acquired Stallberg in the Versteeg trade. Skille for Frolik. Kruger and Frolik have formed the best PK pair in the NHL. Frolik was an offensive player in FLA. He is a role player with the Hawks. Bickell was a pick from 2004. Took him a while to figure it out. No free agents signed to 3 year contracts. No Mike Rupps. No Pyatts and Ashams. 2 year deals for them.
This. It needs to happen soon.

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