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05-29-2013, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
Where in my post did I say that McIlrath was taking too long to develop? I'm not sure what people are reading.

He's right about where he needs to be after one injury shortened year. I've grown to love this pick. Especially right after a series like the one we just had.

No one respects the Rangers as a physical team. Their back line is competent. Sure, they finish their checks and initiate quite a few. They can shut down goal scorers. But the Rangers intimidate no one. They can not win series long physical battles of attrition over teams like Boston, Pittsburgh or L.A.. We've seen this now for two play off runs in consecutive years. I'm amazed this is not focused on more often. The Rangers are not soft but they can not beat you in the alley. Come play off time you had better be able to with stand that as well as dish it out.

McIlrath is the beginning of an answer to this ongoing problem.
I agree with you. Hated the pick at the time and for a long whole afterwards. But the type of play we all hope Mac can bring matters in the playoffs.

Look at how well Matt Greene is playing for LA as another example.

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