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Originally Posted by windycity View Post
I've done the odd true beginner clinics for ice time and I absolutely hate the scrimmages. I just sit back on D and pass the puck. I'm there for the drills not the scrimmage.
I agree. I do a couple of sessions a week where it's drills followed by a bit of scrimmage.

Drills are great. I focus on my own skating, stickhandling, etc. I try to do things slowly and properly rather than rushing through just to get them over with (unless, of course, it's a speed drill). This is my time to challenge myself and actually get better.

Scrimmage...meh. I play two league games each week, so that's really enough game time for me. In the league games, people have lines, positions, they pass, etc. The scrimmage after the beginner class - well, let's say that it's a bunch of bees flying wildly after the queen. People line up for the faceoff, but after that it's usually at least 8 people chasing after the puck. The other 2 are usually people who have an idea of how to play and they try to play positional, but eventually give up - if you stay where you're supposed to be, you'll NEVER see the puck because it never occurs to the other people on your team that passing is an actual thing, to be used in game situations. Sure, we do passing drills all the time - but it's one of those things that's fine in theory but never to be used in a game situation!

I don't want to practice skating at the puck for an entire shift, I want to practice giving/receiving passes, cycling the puck, looking for teammates in a better position to take a shot, etc. But that's not really what post-drill scrimmage at a beginner class is about, is it?

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