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05-29-2013, 11:48 AM
Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
While Quick is a better goalie than Price and I would never argue the contrary..

2007 Calder Cup Playoffs Hamilton Bulldogs 22 45 1314 654 2.06 0.936 15 6 0 0 0 0 0.000 0 2

Price came into the AHL play-offs after his WHL career was over and completely dominated the AHL play-offs, won the Jack Butterfield trophy (Conn Smythe of the AHL) and won the Calder Cup.

Price has shown the capabilities of being a top notch goaltender, an elite goalie, it's just a matter of the right coaching, achieving consistency now as he begins to exit "young goalie" and into "prime goalie", and to find that level of intensity and calmness, that swagger he had when he turned in a Top 5 goalie performance.
So he goes from this year to having to achieve consistency, calmness and level of intensity? Isn't that an incredibly big achievement to do? Thing is, As far as the right mean goalie coach? If so, should Carey realize that he does or does not have the perfect goalie coach for him? Is he too shy to make the Habs fire Groulx? Does the guy still go back to Kolzig for tips? Isn't that a sign that things aren't great or 2 heads are better than 1?

As far as his achievement in the AHL, nobody denies that. Some were saying that it was one of the best demonstration of talent that they have seen from such a young goalie. Yet, NHL is a different beast. Carey is a good goalie but does he has in him to be just as impressive at the NHL level? He was able to do what he did with surely no expectations whatsoever. And had the advantage that nobody had any knowledge of how he would conduct himself, didn't know too much of his strengths and weaknesses....Yet, he did succeed nonetheless. Incredibly impressive....but then the NHL is totally different. I guess that your point remains as far as if he was able to do something great, chances are he'll repeat it. Maybe. We hope. But now is the time. And no excuses anymore.

People try to compare him to Quick. Well Quick had a rough regular season didn't he? And at one point, people even though LA wouldn't make it. Strange that for a team who's way more stronger than we were ('cause people use that reason to say that this is why Quick is so succesful), if the guy doesn't play better at one point, they might not have made it. And now, the guy is stellar....and so are the Kings. So even forces in the NHL needs quite a bit of help in the net.

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