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05-29-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
bern, smfh.. I read all that then look at that team and pretty much puke.. Hank would walk out the door and not look back after next year
I disagree, and I will explain why my prop does everything possible to keep Hank.

Hank likes NY but is totally disgusted with this team, based on he wants to win, and the club's results speak for themselves.

So I have:
made the team younger, faster stronger overall
gave it bottom 6 better than now
weakened the D but gave more depth.

All of this, coupled with the fact that idiot Torts will be buh-bye means we will have more of a real system, one which does not exhaust the players come playoffs despite them being in good shape to begin with. Most importantly, many more goals, more time of possession, esp. in opposition side of rink.

What's not for Hank to like?

I got rid of most of the vets with contracts that constricted movement because of cap. So now if someone we really want (Malkin?) is available, we have cap and resources.

What's not for Hank to like?

As to compensation, it's only a 5mil base, but, subject to whatever max the CBA allows, he gets balance of what is available that year, which changes from year to year.
If next year there is only 500,000 over the cap, Lundqvist would only make 5.5 mil.
If following year, Rangers were 3.7m under the cap, that is how much would be added as end of year bonus for a total of 8.7m that season.

What's not for Hank to like? Esp. since if $$ is used instead of in his pocket, it is to advance him to the Cup?

And last but not least, the ultimate expression of trust. We say to Hank, we want to make an extended deal, but we trust YOU and we give YOU the control by making it a first year deal with sequential one year options to renew. The only thing we give ourselves is a cushion that if he leaves, he's gotta give us 1 year heads up.

What's not for Hank to like?
What more could he ask for?
And no one please stupidly say a multi year deal at max $.
IMO, he wants the combo of top dollar, comfort (likes NY we're ok there) and best chance at a cup. We can certainly increase our odds on that with my scenario.

Or do you think he's talking the way he is because he wants more of the same?

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