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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
I know you're saying it is a long shot... but I don't even know what you base this on.

Babcock's contract goes through 14-15. What do you mean by can't sign him to an extension? They don't have to in order to keep him. Am I missing something? Would this be a pre-emptive, you aren't staying in 2 years, so we fire you now, kind of thing you're proposing? I don't follow.

Not to mention he has arguably done the best job one could expect him to do with the team he has. No way he leaves Detroit.
Its a reach for sure. But Babcock has said before he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay in Detroit. The organization is in a transitional mode. They are getting older, not younger. Already have started to groom a potential replacement with Renney.

I would think that if Babcock, considering what he has done for the Wings, wanted to be released; they would abide by it.

Babcock certainly knows he would make a crap load of money(more than he would with Detroit)if he got the Rangers job.

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