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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post

Heres one that compares him Peter Forsberg?????????

Hes likley not as bad as some say but I doubt hes better than FOPPA now or at his best. Im affraid Barkov is a larger Legwand sees the ice well check. playmakeing legwand used to be a check, passing skills well Leggy never exceled in that.

Bottom line if he has skating issues most NHL guys will just speed by him. Not saying hes Gill slow but that skill is something that this team needs.
How many games you have seen Barkov to make such statement? None outside of WJC? Barkov had one of the best draft eligible seasons in europe ever and he is one of the youngest draftees. He isn't speed demon but he skates as quickly he needs to. He is player who is positional player and is right places in right time. He isn't a guy who races up and down on the ice he's the guy who is right place in right times.

His style of game doesen't need elite speed, he has underrated speed and there is many NHL-scouts who agrees that Barkov has underrated skating and he can skate suprisingly fast but he doesen't even have to skate at full speed all the time because he has ability to read plays and react into quick changes and move himself into right position.

His skating has improved alot in past year. He is 6'3 17 year old and weights about 225lbs according to his linemate. It's not uncommon that a young player who has growing spurths will struggle at first. I've seen major improvements in that area and there is clear signs that he has gotten more used to his large frame and results are very promising. He has the dedication and will to work on it. He was first guy at the gym today at 6am and he is injured. Tells about his passion to improve as a player and taking care of himself. I believe that Barkov can get into very good range in skating but not elite but well above average.

When we evaluate prospects and project them most of posters in hfboards doesen't know that these guy are still improving . All the NHL teams projects them longterm and project how good they will be in the future. They don't think only how good skaters they are right now but evaluates how good they potentially could be in the future. You compared Barkov to Lindholm. I agree that Lindholm is better skater. But Barkov is 1 year younger and i think that Barkov has more potential to improve his skating ability than Lindholm can improve his anymore. I don't think that Lindholm improves much in that area anymore but i see that Barkov has potential to be much better than he is now. Barkov right now is to me better player than Lindholm by decent margin but in the future when Barkov has reached his full skating potential and Lindholm who has pretty much reached his full skating potential right now the difference between these 2 are going to be even bigger in favor to Barkov. Barkov won't likely reach Lindholm at skating ability but he can be close as good when he has reached his skating potential which is basically leg strength because his skating looks good and has smooth stride but needs more power in those strides.

When you haven't seen Barkov outside of WJC or doesen't realize how special year Barkov had you shouldn't make such statements. Project how good skaters they potentially are going to be not how they skate right now because Elias Lindholm is like 40+lbs lighter and 3 inches shorter. Put up 40lbs on Lindholms back and let's see how he skates after that. Lindholm didn't have to suffer from that kind of growing spurth. They are still maturing up and Barkov has to add leg strength to get more explosiveness. He is fairly good skater already and has very underrated speed but lacks explosiveness. Barkov has superior size advantage over Lindholm, Barkov is better two-way player(Lindholm is pretty good but Barkov is something different in the defensive-zone), they are equal playmakers, Barkov is better scorer and has better shot. Lindholm brings more intensity and physicality but Barkov is to me in the next tier above Lindholm as is Nichushkin. However you guys are getting elite talent st #4. A talent which would be in the #1 talk in most of the years. To be honest if Barkov was born two weeks later he would be slamdunk #1 at this point.

My european top 5:

1. Barkov
2. Nichushkin

3. Lindholm

4. Wennberg
5. Ristolainen

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