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05-29-2013, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Beardacus View Post
Question for the dedicated hockey parents in this thread.

How do you guys manage to travel so much with your kids playing these tournaments. I am assuming many of them are far from where you live? Are you traveling every weekend? Driving? Flying?

Basically, how do you manage?

I am currently trying to get my son into one of the better hockey programs in my area, but when I start hearing about all the traveling AAA teams do I don't know if I could ever manage if he got into a AAA team.
Hope that worked out for you and your son.
Maybe you've found this out by now but here's my 2 cents on coping / travel:

- combine forces & share expenses - lots of like-minded folks around
- sacrifices in other areas of life (tough at first)
- make travel trips 'holiday trips' if to a nice location
- if your player is seen as quite talented, competetive programs (spring hockey) will negotiate a better deal - think like an agent!

Great tag-line - came true today, buhbye Fonzie!

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