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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
I am still wanting to know why you called barkov a primmadonna??
It was from an article I read back in March.. Perhaps I read too much.t as ou recal that was the time Lindholm was the hot topic from where the team was in the standings. As I recall the article was from a newspaper and the implication was that Barkov was more selfish as to his scoring chances in respect to his linemates. There are many other articles I have read that promote him as the picture of a good teammate. I did find it odd when I read the article, but I recall seeing Radulov when he was at his first rookie camp and his ignoring the coaches and I thought that to be arrogant and as it turned out he was a lockerroom problem. That is why that thought stuck with me when I read about Barkov. Really none of us know more than what we have read. the YouTube clips are selectivley picked so I do not put much into that. Perhaps there is someone who watched Barkov in Finnish hockey league would know more than any of us since all we can do is read reports most of which paint a perfect picture. Is Barkov a lockerroom issue or not? I have read both sides and really don't know.

We will have no way of knowing most of the things thsat have been said about all of the top players in the draft but it will come out soon enough. From the Scouting Report site the only sure fire NHL player next year will be Jones. So everyone must come to there own conclusion and as I pointed out earlier the skating weakness is pointed out in article after article. Thats my major concern. And to ThomasT and others that support that skating can be worked on and thats true but its still something that a top 5 pick sould not have already worked out.

And for whoever pointed out the success top scorers in leagues other than the NHL we can only look at Radulov and Simon Gamach neither worked out for this organization to well.

If I had my choice DP would move up to get Mac otherwise I would like Lindholm or NICHUSHKIN, Druion would be good if we had someone that could protect him but at 5'10 185 hes a lil smallish for this team.

So yeah I guess I do read too much.

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