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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
The reality of it is actually much more in line with your first paragraph than your second. It's too bad you're dismissing something based entirely on false assumptions.

But hey...more beer for the rest of us!
well i'll be damned! i really wouldn't have thought that, honestly. i guess i used to want to go, but never could, and since then, i rationalized, telling myself it'd be packed with ********** and was not missing out.

and while i am still a beer lover, i'm not as into it as i used to be. i appreciate a lot of the work and skill and tradition and all the differen't tastes that come from that. but i've become a lot more casual. i'm good rotating through a few, easy to find favorites. i'm not in to searching the world over for all these obscure beers. sure, i'd check it all out in germany, as part of a trip and culture experience, but aside from that my love for beer has dwindled to an appreciation. i don't even have beer everyday anymore! gasp*

in short, it's all about trees now, baby. beer is secondary. and this has nothing to do with intoxication. just pleasant experience.

Originally Posted by spaceman sean View Post
you're right, how dare people live in the suburbs.
i'm OG chomedey born and raised, and i don't feel offended. i know who falls into the category of 450 d-bags. it's the people who come to chomedey, which is 'downtown' for them.
wear white hats, and civics with seats reclined 45 degrees. probable use and abuse of LED lights. also invading mtl by their south shore counterparts. same hats though.

we should all praise god that they built quartier DIX 30, to keep em all occupied. 2 words. RADIO. LOUNGE.

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