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01-05-2004, 04:40 AM
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See I disagree that Kilger has been a complete bust... He's had some promising seasons, that can be said...

2 times he hit 15 goals(well once, 14 but close enough), and he even posted 32 points in the season he came over from Edmonton.
Problem is, he hasn't broken 10 goals for 2 seasons now... But his previous efforts prove to me that there is some game there.

Another talent he has that is not mentioned is that his shot is hard. He does have the package, but it seems to me that he has a 10 cent head for the game. This is the guy I completely believe Bob is working on, and I believe he'll be reformed come September 2004 Training camp. I do know this is a case of same old, same old... But even Chad is starting to realize that his playing career is on the line (as the line to grab him on waivers was non-existent).

If it were me (Gainey's shoes) I'd do what Gretz said Walt did to him on his Ultimate Gretzky DVD... and send him home in the summer with a bunch of hockey tapes, get him with a drawing board, and have him draw lines as to the puck movement in any given game. Just so that he could get some hockey sense... He has the ability to be a premier checking line forward (as the facets to his talents are more than 2/3 of the league)... And if he were to pick up SOME scoring ability... he'd make a great addition to this club... By doing such, he'd also realize that the one blessing he has in his life is that an NHL career is a great full-time job to have, Doing this would IMHO, bring a completly different Kilger next year.

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