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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
I think they're set up pretty well.

I've always liked David Adams and was not happy with the Youkilis (sp) signing. Thought he should have been given a shot at 3rd.

They have several outfield options in the minors in the near future. My favorite is Tyler Austin. He's not the flashiest but he's the safest bet. Got off to a slow start in AA but is coming on.
Gary Sanchez has been good too. I expect a mid-season promotion. Although, I thought he should have started the year in AA.

Most have given up on Manny Banuelos. Pretty dumb because he's only 21 and just had TJS. And, well, you just don't give up on lefty's. lol.

Pineda is on the way back. How's that trade looking now?
I'm a Phelps fan. Looks like a solid pitcher.

Another guy to watch for is Jose Ramirez. Sick change up and great fastball. Good command. Can't go wrong with that combo.

well thats the thing. it really all depends on how all these guys do in the big leagues. i hope pineda can come back strong but after that injury im still kind of wary if he will be the same pitcher. and they better pray sanchez is the real deal or else they probably would have to overpay for some catcher in the free agent market. romine, stewart, and cervelli are servicable backups at best. im not too upset they gave up montero now cause it turning out his offense is starting to flounder and he just isnt suitable to be a major league catcher. all he had going for him is his offense and right now its been atrocious. phelps is more of a long man in the bullpen. can give you maybe a good 4 or 5 innings but thats it. i see the same thing with nova and hughes. they are 5, maybe 6 inning pitchers at best. both throw way too many pitches.

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