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Originally Posted by LeHabsMan View Post
I am really hoping that one of Hartman or Morrissey drops to our 1st rounder. Petan, McCoshen, Santini, Heatherington, De La Rose and Klimchuk would be incredible with the 34th and 36th.

I am really against Morin. If he was 2-3 inches smaller would he be getting all this attention? It's all for the size. Not worth it. Isnt't BPA IMO. People look at his size and say he can be the next Chara. What are the chances of that? No very high. Alright puck mover, not really mean and isnt better than McCoshen, Hagg, Santini or Heatherington. I would put him in the same category as Bowey, Theodore and Bigras.

i dont understand why Laplante should be a 3rd rounder. I havent seen him in the top 100 on any mocks. Is it just the Quebec factor?
Even 2 or 3 inches shorter, Morin would still be big. While one shouldn't overrate a player simply because of size, one shouldn't penalize a player for being tall. Morin is not the next Chara nor will he ever be. He plays a much more fluid game while Chara plays a more stationary and positional game. Simply because Morin is not and will not be the next Chara does not mean that he is not an intriguing prospect in his own right. At the recent U18 Championship he proved to be as mobile and defensively responsible as any defenceman on Team Canada. I watched him carefully fully expecting that the elite offensive players on the other teams would expose him on the big ice. It didn't happen. He had the lateral skating ability to block most offensive rushes, had the first step quickness and agility to close the ice when needed and had enough straight line speed to create and support offensive chances. The coaches on Team Canada obviously had a lot of trust in him and Morin played in most crucial situations, including the last minute of the Gold Medal game when Canada was protecting a one goal lead. While you may be 'against' Morin , this writer and, I suspect, the dozens of NHL scouts who were present at the U18s, are strongly 'for' a player who has the potential to be an impact player at the next level. If we are lucky enough to be in a position to draft Morin and don't, we're fools.

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