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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
I didn't know that in the span of 5 months that Quick won a World Junior Gold Medal, was the World Juniors Goalie of the Tournament, won the CHL Goalie of the Year (or the NCAA equivalent in his case) and the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy as the AHL Playoffs MVP...

Seeing as Carey did do this, quite impressive for a 19 year-old, especially that last one as a rookie going into the AHL.
Thank god you wrote ESPECIALLY as far as AHL prowess 'cause everything else you mentioned, there's another goalie who also added this to his resume....and that's the great Justin Pogge.

Anyway, what you mentioned is the reason of the expectations. Not sure why people are blaming other posters for having high expectations. 'Cause then you add how he was brought up (don't respond LafleurGuy, that part is not for you...), the money he makes, who we traded to make room for him, and here are you high expectations. Then now, you can even add a goalie that was picked in the same draft much later on who has already 1 Cup and working on another one. And an enemy goalie in Rask, who has already reached a 3rd round, that Price didn't do yet. I know, teams and all. But somehow, both of those goalies are making their team better. As good as they are, they have weaknesses. Boston was about to lose in the 1st round. LA looked like a team that would probably not make the playoffs....

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