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05-29-2013, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
lost me there. Are you saying the competition remains the same, no matter what team Price plays for?
Uh, yeah? Except for the team swap aspect, the entire rest of the league remains the same, and throws the same systems, players, etc at whatever team Price plays for. How the goals are manufactured against him is a matter of the "eye test", and I'm willing to bet that some of the most ardent Price supporters spend relatively little time watching games in other markets, let alone with an unbiased eye. But that's irrelevant. It's easier to project how you think a goalie will stand up to a Stamkos one-timer, a Chara bomb from the point, an Ovechkin breakaway, or a Tavares wrist shot, if you actually watch him do it on a nightly basis. You can see how he controls rebounds when facing NHL shots/releases. You could see how he tracks plays and fights through traffic against the best on the planet. You can see how he reacts to the pressure of a particular situation. You can see how he practices next to/against top level players. I could go on if need be, but the point is that NHL performance is a much MUCH better indicator of future NHL performance (which is NOT expressed 100% statistically) - regardless of particular setting - than performance at any minor pro or lower level. Really can't believe I'm having this debate.

Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
Because the competition has different effect against MTL then it does against, lets say, LA.

If you watch enough hockey, the statistics become interesting background noise.

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